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“The Full Story”

The organization now known as Sisters In Service, was developed from a desire to do more.  Jerilyn Hitch-Fuller; a recent college graduate in the mists of transferring from Gamma Omicron, Undergraduate Chapter in Denver to Beta Rho Sigma Denver, Alumnae Chapter had a brilliant idea that she just couldn’t get off the ground.

After working on her own, with no true result or actual direction, she decided to voice her concerns in the hope of gaining some needed direction and support.  During a Sorority chapter meeting, she expressed her frustration with the many barriers she incurred in trying to establish an independent foundation.  Her Sorors (i.e. sisters), rallied together and after several conversations, focus groups and planning meetings, steps were taken to officially organize and formulate the organization now known as Sisters In Service.

After several years of research, data submitting, reviews and state and federal tax submission requests etc. Sisters In Service, was granted their 501(c)3, non-profit determination, June of 2000.

The Founding Members of Sisters In Service:

The Late, Ms. Jennifer A. Carter, Ms. Datina Goodwin,
the Late Mrs. Ernestyne Thatch Henry
Mrs. Jerilyn Hitch-Fuller, Ms. Glennetta R. Jackson,
Ms. Shawnetta K. Madden and Mrs. Gloria Scroggins

Since its inception, Sisters In Service has had the pleasure of working with several phenomenal, diligent, passionate Executive Officers and Members. We thank them all for their service.  To our founders, we are thankful for your vision and laying the groundwork for us.  Because of your vision and sweat equity, our tiny grassroots organization has been able to thrive!!

We Thank You!! And May God Bless you!!