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Where We Serve, We Advance, We Grow….

Welcome, to the official web site for Sisters In Service,( SIS) is supported by members of Beta Rho Sigma Denver Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated based in Denver, Colorado.  The members of SIS, appreciate your support and for taking the time to visit us.  Please take a moment to view our beautiful pages to get better acquainted with us and our mission.

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated is an international non-profit service organization established in 1922.  Our Denver Alumnae chapter, Beta Rho Sigma Denver, was established in 1960 and we have been tireless in our efforts to encourage and motivate young people to achieve academic excellence.

Sisters In Service, was established in 1998 by members of Beta Rho Sigma Chapter, as a local nonprofit service organization.  In 2000, Sisters In Service received its 501(c)3 status and became an autonomous body, with the support of the members of Beta Rho Sigma Denver Alumnae of Sigma Gamma Rho   Sorority, Incorporated.

SIS, was initially conceived to offer local youth need based scholarships/tuition assistance to youth that were dedicated to service to others.  We realized we needed to do more and found that our niche was Financial Illiteracy. 

Financial Illiteracy, is a plague on our community. We felt that by using our educational background, contacts, resources and years of practical application, we would be able to tackle this epidemic.  We decided to start with the youth and young adults.

We got busy!! In the meantime, we continue to serve our local community and have been diligent in our efforts to uplift our youth and encourage them to pursue higher education.  Additionally, we represent citizens bound together in thought, word and deed toward the common purpose of self-improvement and rendering assistance wherever needed.  We believe in service to one another, our youth, our families and our community.  We believe that these attributes are possible through Service ….

We Serve, We Advance, We Grow…


With the cost of higher education continually rising, and the availability of funds diminishing. We can see and feel the impact.

Each year it is harder and harder for small grass-root, non-profit organizations to attract and maintain the Corporate Sponsor relationships needed to foster viable and consistent funding.  Due to our size, or those we serve, some reason we are not attractive enough to win their assistance.  Regardless of the mission or message, be it heroic. We find the options are consistently changing or closed to us. And larger organizations do much less with much more or hemorrhaging money.

The members of Sisters In Service are not easily detoured. We recognized an opportunity to lend assistance. With the support of our steadfast individual supporters and local Entrepreneur, small Business and other Non-profit organizations in addition to a few lager businesses, we have been able to continue to provide resources for some of our youth that earnestly want higher education. Our organization offers scholarship awards and book stipends to current Colorado residents within the lower income populace ages 17 to 23.  100% of the funds paid to Sister In Service are given to our Scholars via their respective educational institution.  These funds are paid directly to the college, trade school, or university located within the State of Colorado.

We believe in leading by example in our community. Uplifting young people and rendering service, wherever needed in addition to assisting our youth and young adult in attaining their educational goals…by paying it forward and being a blessing to others… is our pointed principle and function.

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Our mission is to better our community and support our youth, we believe in commitment and service. We Serve, We Advance, We Grow”, is our motto. These values are ingrained in each of our SIS members through individual and collective life experiences.

As adults and parents, we model our behavior and activities to reflect these values for our youth in an attempt to pass this attitude and spirit of service to the next generation.

To this extent, our volunteerism significantly improves the quality of life for future generations and ourselves. Our members serve as positive examples for our youth.

We believe that financial assistance, in addition to positive reinforcement, continued mentoring and networking opportunities, will provide greater incentive for “SIS” Scholarship and Empowerment Service Awardees to accomplish their educational and personal goals.

To date, we have been able to provide financial assistance to 151 youth in our community because of the generosity of our sponsors.