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Plant a Seed and it will be Gifted back to you…..

Sisters In Service Appreciates & Thanks You!

As a grassroots organization, we realize that any organization can only be as healthy, vibrant and active as its members, volunteers and donors.  Making Sisters In Service successful in meeting its goals in providing developmental skills, job interview training and mentoring in addition to securing the much-needed financial assistance (in an economically challenged environment), is accomplished solely on the efforts of its members, volunteers and the generous donations and contributions of our gracious sponsors.
Thank you for your continuous support of this mission and worthy cause.  Since 2000 with the support of our benevolent sponsors, we have been able to assist over 151 youth endeavor to realize their educational goals.  This year we plan to assist 5- to -7 youth toward attaining their higher educational goals.

Thank you deeply for planting the seed!!!  We look forward to partnering with you again next year!!

—J. Hitch-Fuller, CEO—


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.,
Mu Omega Omega Chapter
Mrs. Leanna Benson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brown
Mrs. Rubia Brown
Mrs. Alicia Boyd
The Late Aaron H. Burroughs Family
Mrs. Gretta Burroughs
The Late Mrs. Martha Campbell
Ms. Kathy Clark
Mrs. Pat Cook
Mr. Earl Conway
Rev. Katherine Farley
Fire Sign Design Firm
Ms. Deborah Ford-Williams
Mr. Derrick Fuller
Ms. Elma J. Hairston
Mrs. Carol Heru
Mr. Howard Gardner
Genesis Consulting
Ms. Sharon Hazel Griggs
Ms. Ronnette' Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H. Hitch
Mrs. Jerilyn Hitch-Fuller
Holmes Omega Scholarship
Mr. Paul Lewis
Dr. Janice Jarrett
The Late Mrs. Annie Louise Johnson
Ms. Shangra-La L. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. James Kelly
Labella Art & Literacy Club
Mrs. Ednavilene M. Marcanno
Sharon McGee-Canady
Mrs. Lisa Merriweather
Mr. Phillip M. & Mrs. Renee N. Montano
Mount Evans Lodge No. #7
Ruby Tuesday Restaurant
Mrs. Belinda Smallwood
Ms. Jerri Steen
Mrs. Doris Stewart
The Late Ms. Alleze J. Westbrooks
Mrs. Bea Williams


Plant A Seed…It will be Gifted Back to You….