Heart of Gold Nomination Forms

Greetings from the Members of Sisters In Service,

 It is that time of year again!! Attached please find the 202-2021 “Heart of Gold”, Nomination forms for Community Leaders and Beacon of Light i,e, Teachers of the Year. Please see the following criteria.


©Outstanding Community Service Award

An individual who has exhibited exemplary voluntary service to youth/young adults in the area of education.

©Outstanding Pastor of The Year Award

This award will be given to a clergyman /clergywoman who has supported and improved educational opportunities for our youth/ young adults and members of their community.

©Outstanding Sorority Member of the Year Award

Sorority Member, who best exemplifies a total commitment to the purpose of her organization.

©Outstanding Fraternity Member of the Year Award

Fraternity Member, who best exemplifies a total commitment to the purpose of his organization.

©Outstanding Youth of The Year Award

An individual youth between the ages of 8-18,  involved in community service projects on a consistent basis. They should also be outstanding students and continue to excel in his or her educational endeavors.

©Outstanding Leadership Award

Individual who best exemplifies leadership and commitment to the purposes of their Church, Fraternal or Civic organization.

©Outstanding Small Business or Entrepreneur Award

A local Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner dedicated to service, active within their community, eager and willing to use their wealth, skills and talents to improve the lives of others.

Sisters In Service

Attention: Community Awards Chairperson

P.O. Box 39063, Denver, CO 80239

or email to: sistersinservice1@comcast.net

If you are aware of a person in your community that has the above mentioned attributes, dedicated to service and deserving of the award….please take the time to let us know!! Also, please visit www.sistersinservice1.org to see Winners from our 21th Annual Heart of Gold.

Please click on the links below to print the nomination forms:



Thank you for your time!!!

Jerilyn Hitch-Fuller

Sisters In Service, Chief Executive Officer