2018 Heart-o-Gold, Store

 The Heart of Gold, will take place on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at the Park Hill Golf Club located at 4141 East 35th Ave., Denver Colorado, 80205 from 9:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M., our keynote speaker TBA.

Tickets are available for $50.00 per person,  for adults and $30 for children 2-through-13 years of age. Please be aware that a 5% PayPal processing fee has been added to the prices below.  

Souvenir Journal Information and Pricing Sheet

The audience anticipated for this event is 200 to 250 people. All data submitted must be photo/camera ready and submitted in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. Should you require a custom advertisement creation, please provide details to work from. Note: Graphic Designer will correct or alter were and if needed. All advertisements and information must be submitted by January 25, 2018.  Page dimensions: full 7.5. X 10, with a .5 inch margin, around.

                                                                                                    Again,this year, we are offering you the possibility of becoming a VIP or “Title Sponsors” and you will have the occasion to “Name” your own Scholarship Award. Based on the Participation Level you will have a two (2) year commitment.  You will be expected to serve as our “VIP or Title Sponsor” and provide a financial contribution based on the level chosen or that you decide, (which must surpasses those listed). You will also, (based on the level of participation) have the opportunity to identify and/or direct your contribution to a field of study of your choice.  If we have candidates planning to seek that field of study, they will be awarded those funds.  What’s more, your contributions over the two (2) year commitment span can be directed to the same candidates or new candidates the following year. What’s more, 100% of our proceeds from this journal are given in awards to the scholarship winners.    If you are interest on becoming a Title Sponsor, please review the above Price Sheet and email us at sistersinservice1@comcast.net.

Heart of Gold Advertisement Space