A Note from the Chief…

Good Morning!! I’m so excited to see you here today!! Today, we are celebrating our 18th

year of Service to others!! Since 2000 the members of SIS in conjunction with our

outstanding sponsors, have been able to endow over $136K to assist 113 youth seek their

higher educational goals.

We have the audacity of hope to endeavor to assist 8 more this year. That has been easier

said than done. As a small grassroots organization it has been a task to secure funding, this

year. It has been bittersweet. I find that with our new National Leadership…so much has

changed and our donors are alarmed. The tax guidelines for contributions is set to change

and basic taxation also, so those of us attempting to provide assistance are not seeing the

type of funding that we had in the past. With that said tuition and expenses for students is

rising higher each year for all types of institutions with the same level of education.

According to financial and market research, higher education students and graduates carry

the highest rate of student loan debt, then ever before. And what about jobs? Those seem

far a few between to find a job in your field of studies, immediately out of school. So the rate

of graduates returning home to live and afford their life is higher. Whew…. That’s a lot and

frankly, I’m sooo very happy to see you here!! Thank you so much for your support and

continued patronage…it means the world to us and our scholars.

Our theme this year is: -“The Welfare of Humanity; A More Perfect Union…Do Your Part!!”

It has come to my attention that we are at a place of recognizing our humanity. We must

work hard to be hospitable, helpful and of service to our fellow-man. Our world is changing

and it seems for the worst. Daily, we hear about some sort of tragedy or disaster. So many

people are in transition, trying to rebuild their lives, when another issue occurs. I vowed

this year that I was going to pay attention to my “Good Intentions”. What I mean by that is

to slow down and follow through on my intentions. If it crosses my mind that I haven’t talk

to this person or that…I will stop and call, right then. Send a card, and email or just dial the

number. So often I don’t take the time and I feel I miss opportunities to possibly place a

smile on someone’s face or make their day with my call as they were feeling low. You never

know why you had the tickle of a thought prompt you to do something BUT you may be

answering someone prayer!!! We move so fast and we have to slow down and take a look

at the big picture. What are you going to do to make this a more perfect union? Are your

doing your part? I have learned that Love is in the details and the attention to details can

only bring happiness and light!!

I would like to thank you all for your continued support of this tiny but mighty organization.

God willing we will continue to do our level best to provide much needed help to those that

are at that moment unable to help themselves. And it is my prayer

that they will once able will in turn pay it forward and eventually….

we will have a more perfect union. A community of giving souls able

to stand and fill the need!! May God continue to Bless you all!!


Jerilyn Hitch-Fuller


 **Address given at the 2018, 18th Annual  Heart of Gold Luncheon 2/11/2018, Park Hill Golf Course and published in the Heart of Gold Journal created by JHF of  Fire Sign Design, for the event participants.