A Note from the Chief…

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Beloved ,

We are blessed to be in this moment. The members of Sisters In Service, have had a challenging year, as we worked to secure funding for our awards.  Know that God is still on the throne and He allowed us the opportunity to meet  and exceed our goals, again for the 16th year.  Last year, we celebrated our 15th Anniversary and invited all of the prior SIS Scholarship Awardees back and held and Leadership Conference.  We focused on leadership, vision, ownership and passion.  Each of these elements are needed to push forward to reach your dreams and personal goals.  It was a successful event and seeing, talking and hearing the phenomenal things these youth are doing, was inspirational and satisfying.  Just to know that we, in a small way assisted in their success.   I was reminded of the struggle many youth have, financially, physically and emotionally.  I also reflected on the support and encouragement that many are willing to share, freely.   As I have said before “Service”, is simple, precise and clear as crystal.   You cannot sit back a watch others work and expect to share in the glory.  Although many do, or criticize the method or offer little to no help, remember if YOU see that something or someone that needs to be fix or helped and you can do something….do it. It doesn’t go unnoticed. If you work, from your heart.   You will be recognized, if not by man but by God.  You will be richly blessed, that’s Gods promise!!  

There are no words to truly express my deep appreciation to our wonderful sponsors. You are magnificent, constant, giving and authentic.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done and will do for this tiny non-profit organization.  Thank you for trusting us and believing in our message and our mission.  

To our Beacon of Light i.e. Teachers’ of the Year, Community Awards Winners and Vanguard Man of the Year…; What Unique, Selfless and generous individuals you are!!! Your passion and service has touched the lives of others through your diligent efforts.  Thank you  for setting the standard and for the example!!

SIS Scholarship Award Winners; Please take a moment to look around you at the individuals within this room… They are investing in you because you are worthy. In your interviews, we asked how you plan to pay this act of kindness forward…please make an effort to do that, without ceasing and plant a seed… if not financially, please give your time.  Know that it will be gifted back to you, BUT only if given freely without malice or misgiving.   Take care of yourself and keep your eye on the prize.  Help at least one, because you WANT to and you WILL make a difference in their lives.

To Beta Rho Sigma Denver Alumnae Chapter and Theta Zeta Sigma Aurora Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., Sorors, Thank you for your continued support of this mission and sisterhood.

To my co-founders, former and current SIS Executive Board members and general members, Thank You for your time, financial support, physical effort and assistance. We have much more to do!!  I know you are ready for the task ahead. I pray that God strengthen and our resolve.  That He gives us new exciting, sponsors, fresh ideas and vision.  He knows our hearts and our intentions and we will continue to meet our goals, if we put Him first. Be satisfied that another seven youth, can seek their educational goals, due to your hard work and our generous sponsors.  We are blessed…. and I look forward to our future success in service, friendship and scholarship.

To my family, Thank you for your patience and for allowing me to be my authentic self. Ms. Johnson, Thank you for all you do to encourage and support me and SIS.

Please visit our site sistersinservce1.org and please…. keep your eye and ear open and look for information for our next event.



 **Address given at the 2016, 16th Annual  Heart of Gold Luncheon 2/13/2016, Park Hill Golf Course and published in the Heart of Gold Journal created by JHF of  Fire Sign Design, for the event participants.